The life of Saint Charbel on big screen as you've never seen it before.


The magnitude of Charbel’s production required a significant number of actors and cast to where, by the final shooting day, more than 400 four hundred people had taken part in the film. More than 600 people were considered for various roles before reaching this figure.

Cyrille Bassil
Georges Hboub
Marwan Nassour
Fouad Kaddoum
Assad Zgheib
Joe Zgheib
Hani Karaka
Bassam El Debs
George Abou Zeid
Sami El Hajj
Albert Chamieh
Charbel Daoud
Ziad Wakim
Dany Dib
Phillip Daghfal
Jerome Daghfal
Ralph Daghfal
Tracy Haikal
Elli Daghfal
Firas El Asmar
Micha Yazbek
Jihan Isaak
Nicole Ghosen

Antoine Balabane
Elie Mitri
Julia Kassar
Ghassan Estephan
Khaled El Saied
Roula Hmadeh
Badih Abou Shakra
Abd El Rehim Ala Eldin
Toni Abi Akel
Charbel Haikal
Michael Adabachi
Tina Adabachi
Abdallah Jabbour
Joseph Khalil
Ali El Zein
Klovice Khashan
Joseph Zeitouny
Mariot Tahtouh
Ghantous Helou
Kamil Youssef
Elie Njeim
Ghassan Daghfal

Shadi Boro
Roni Bassam El Debs
Imad Kambar
Patrick Khalil
Ibrahim Maalouf
Amira Bou Diwan
Jason Eid
Mohamad Chamas
Charbel Eid
Michael Bou Sleimen
Carolle Koussairi
Fares Bou Khater
Noura Haddad
Petra Merhi
Maicy Chamieh
Christine Bou Roufayel
Marc Chamieh
Anthony Gebrayel
Mandy Saliba
Ornella Saliba
Anthony Saliba
Christina Ibrikji

A Passionate Cast

These are the dedicated actors who have worked day-in and day-out together to
bring Charbel to life in the most amazing portrayal of the Saint ever created.

Young Saint Charbel

Saint Charbel Mother

Old Saint Charbel

Elie Mitri (Young Charbel)

One of Lebanon’s most talented young actors, Elie Mitri had graduated in 2003 from the Faculty of Art at the Lebanese University and has ever since starred in many roles requiring adequate personal composure in complex situations. From Fares Khalil’s Amour D’enfants to Micheal Kammoun’s Falafel, Gabriel Yammine’s Hadara and Micheal Adabachi’s Harika, Elie Mitri has molded his screen capabilities and experimented with various personalities with proven capability in capturing audience attention. Playing out Charbel’s youth, Elie Mitri personified the character with the appropriate psyche, bodily postures, and eyes that speak.

Julia Kassar ( Charbel’s Mother)

A successful actress of high standing, Julia Kassar’s 20-year career is highlighted by many a complex role that require fervor and personified passion. Winner of the French Ceasar Award in 2006 for her role in After Shave by Hani Tomba, Julia Kassar is a familiar and well-loved face on Lebanon’s stages and TV screens, contributing and starring in: Al Khadimatan by Jawad El Asadi, Tayara Men Warak by Randa El Shahhal, Zennar El Nar by Mr Behij Hojeij, Tokous El Isharat Wal Tahawoulat by Ms Nidal El Achkar, Mara Lawahda by Lina Abiad, Picnic a Khtout El Tamas by Mr Reymond Jebara and Perfect Day by Jouana Haji Touma and Khalil Jreij.Julia’s ardor was evident time and again in every shot of motherhood to young Charbel.

Antoine Balabane (Old Father Charbel)

An Architect and Civil Engineer by education, Antoine Balabane’s calling for a fabulous career on stage goes as far back as 1969 with his contribution to the founding of Lebanon’s Theatre Performing Movement. From Shayot Theatre in Paris to Lebanon’s Al Madina Theater, all the way to Lebanese and Iranian small screen performances, Antoine Balabane’s career is rich with star performances such as Le Paravent by Jean Jenet and Jean Batiste Sartre, Hayet Bteswa Franko by Usama El Aaref and Betty Toutel, Jnaynet El Sanaye by Roger Assaf, El Beit El Zaher by Jumana Haji Touma and Khalil Jreij, The Last Trip Of Sindibad – an Iranian film by Orosh Maarian – as well as the Lebanese TV Productions of Ghannojet Baya, Men Barsouni, and Mada El Omr. The screenplay role of Father Charbel in his old age found in Antoine Balabane the right venerate complexions, serene features, and abundance of experience.


  • “Charbel: the long-awaited documentary film on the life of the celebrated Lebanese Saint. Nabil Lebbos: a promissing young director, took on an important topic. He allowed his viewers to emphasis with the characters in the film and walk away with a sense of hope. See the film!”
    Films 'R UsMovie Premiere
  • "I wish we could see more of his life. I love this saint very much, and I love this movie. Very good quality too. I wish I could have met him while he was alive. Oh how I would love to be drunk in God!"
    Peggy L.YouTube
  • "Thank you for the knowledge about the life of Father Charbel, at least now I know his way of living. I've been in Saint Charbel chuch in Lebanon often times in 3 years of my stay in Beirut. Thank u Lebanon such a great honor visiting Saint Charbel Church at the top of the mountain. God bless everyone."
    Wilma C.YouTube
  • "Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful movie with us! I feel so inspired. I am from Mexico, and in my country he is one of the most revered Catholic saints. My mom often requests his intercession. I will try to follow his amazing example of humility, silence and faith to the best of my insignificant abilities. God bless you, Maronites!"
    Rosa Maria M.YouTube
  • "The more I learn about Saint Charbel, the more I love him."
    Dr Taylor

Familiar Faces