The life of Saint Charbel on big screen as you've never seen it before.


Charbel Movie Generic


Man . Hermit . Saint

Produced by 

Roland Eid

Directed by 
Nabil Lebbos

Executive Producers
Ghada Daghfal
Michel Bou Sleimen

Assistant Director
Jessica Jalalaty

Production Manager
Elias Salameh

Production Assistants
Pierre Matta
Charbel Maarbes

Sreenplay by
Mounir Maasri

Art Director
Graziella Daghfal

Director of Photography
Ziad Khoury

Teddy Nasr

Casting Director
Lara Namnoum

Casting Supervisor
Ghada Daghfal


Antoine Balabane
Elie Mitri
Julia Kassar
Ghassan Estephan
Khaled Al Saiid
Tony Maalouf
Badeeh Abou Shakra
Abd el Rahim Alaa Eldin

Also Starring

Maurice Awad
Michael Bou Sleimen
Tony Issa
Ali El Zein
Roni Barakat
Fadi Issa
Afif Shayya
Tina Adabachi
Elie Shalhoub
Elie Lattouf
Abdou Bitar
Klovice Khashan
Antoun Yazbeck

Special Guest Star

Roula Hmadeh


Tony Abi Akel
Anjou Rihan
Nabil  Abou  Mrad
Abdallah Jabbour
Michael Adabachi
Charbel Haykal
Joseph Khalil


Klovice Khashan
Joseph Zeitouny
Mariot Tahtouh
Ghantous Helou
Kamil Youssef
Elie Njeim
Ghassan Daghfal
Shadi Boro
Roni Bassam El Debs
Imad Kambar
Patrick Khalil
Ibrahim Maalouf
Amira Bou Diwan
Jason Eid
Mohamad Chamas
Charbel Eid
Carolle Koussairi
Fares Bou Khater
Noura Haddad
Petra Merhi
Maicy Chamieh
Christine Bou Roufayel
Marc Chamieh
Anthony Gebrayel
Mandy Saliba
Ornella Saliba
Anthony Saliba
Christina Ibrikji
Cyrille Bassil
Georges Hboub
Marwan Nassour
Fouad Kaddoum
Assad Zgheib
Joe Zgheib
Hani Karaka
Bassam El Debs
George Abou Zeid
Sami El Hajj
Albert Chamieh
Charbel Daoud
Ziad Wakim
Dany Dib
Phillip Daghfal
Jerome Daghfal
Ralph Daghfal
Tracy Haikal
Elli Daghfal
Firas El Asmar
Micha Yazbek
Jihan Isaak
Nicole Ghosen

Make-up Design & Characterology
Eliane el Hajj

Make-up Artist
Adriana el Hajj

Hair Dressers
Salon John Cehdid
Michael Peter

Wardrobe Supervisor
Nagham Lebbos

Assistant Wardrobe
Rita Shamoun

Set Designer
Shadi Boro

Assistant Set Designer
Imad Kambar

Location Scout
Ellias Salameh

Location Manager
Gilbert Siideh

Property Master
Rony Bassam el Debs

Camera and Lighting by
Final Cut

Video Assistants
Roger Nassif
Mario Shwaifeti

Focus Puller
Shadi Jomhoury


Sound Engineers
Robert Beaino
Samer Saideh

Roger Hitler Ghantous

Reine Sili

George Berkashi

Joseph Makdissi

Boom Operator
Elie Aoun

Making of
Fayez Chidiac

Script Finalizer
Ghassan Daghfal

Therese Abou Karam

Offline Editing
GRB Film

Online Editing & Grading

Dima Geagea

The Gate

In Motion

5.1 Surround Mix
Red Studios

Ritual & Theological Consultant
Father Hani Matar

Financial Consultant
Paragon Business Improvement

Legal Consultant
Tony Rizallah

WARNING: All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work produced
and reproduced reserved. Copyright Roland Eid, 2009.



Charbel, The Movie

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The Makers



Movie Production

Roland Eid presents
Charbel, The Movie: “The life of Saint Charbel on big screen as you have never seen it before!”



Film Directing

Nabil Lebbos has grasped this first silver screen experience with passion, planting his creativity in every scene, and turning Charbel into his career highlight.




A performing pianist, drummer, percussionist, guitarist, and as of late, an opera singer, conductor, composer and arranger, Teddy Nasr is easily one of the most promising young film composers.






Charbel: Man, Hermit, Saint.

Released in 2009
Duration: 1hr46min
Language: Arabic
Film Location: Lebanon
Production: 100% Lebanese



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