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Maronite Communities

Maronite Communities

The exact worldwide Maronite population is not known, although it is at least 3 million according to the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. Based on a 2007 report, approximately there are 930,000 Maronites in Lebanon where they constitute up to 22% of the population. USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Australia, Syria and Mexico are countries where active Maronite communities thrive.


The two residing eparchies in the United States have issued their own “Maronite Census”, designed to estimate how many Maronites reside in the United States. Many Maronites have been assimilated into Western Catholicism as there were no Maronite parishes or priests available. The “Maronite Census” was designed to locate these Maronites. There are also eparchies at São Paulo in Brazil, as well as in Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Mexico.

The history of the Lebanese Community in South Africa goes back to the late 19th century, when the first immigrants arrived in Johannesburg, the biggest city in the Transvaal coming from Sebhel, Mesyara, Becharre, Hadath El-Joube, Maghdoushe and other places. It is recorded that in the year 1896 the first Maronite and Lebanese immigrants arrived in Durban, Cape Town and Mozambique, and congregated around their local Catholic Churches.