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Saint Charbel

When someone, who is totally devoted to God prays, he makes God’s all-powerful love present in the world. So closely was Father Charbel united to Christ that he would radiate the joy of his pure love to everyone he met; and that is why Jesus could work all kinds of miracles and signs through him. One of the many miracles wrought by this Lebanese monk took place in 1885 in the fields of the poor villagers who lived in the vicinity of the monastery of Annaya. A vast cloud of locusts descended on the farmers’ fields and began to ravage the harvest. For the people it was a terrible plague that promised widespread famine. The monastery Prior asked Father Charto go at once to the infested fields, to pray over them and bless them with holy water. The locusts disappeared from every field the monk blessed, and the harvest was saved.
In 1873 Father Charbel’s superior sent him to the palace of Prince Rachid Beik Al-Khoury, to pray for his son Nagibem who was dying of typhus. The doctors held out little hope for him. Father Charbel administered the Sacrament of the Sick to the boy and blessed him with holy water. An instant later, to the great joy of all present, Nagibem recovered. After finishing his medical studies, he went on to become one of the most famous physicians in Lebanon.
In the small town of Ehmej lived a mentally ill person. With great difficulty, several men brought him to the monastery in Annaya, but they were unable to bring him into the church, for he resisted with superhuman strength. Father Charbel approached and asked him to go in with him and knee before the tabernacle. The man calmed down and humbly followed th monk . After praying, Father Charbel read to him from the Gospel. Then a miracle occurred: the man regained his sanity. Later he married, had a large family, and moved to the United States. There are many other accounts of miracles associated with Father Charbel, but most occurred after his death.



Miracles Attributed to Saint Charbel


Saint Charbel Miracles


Since 1950 and till present, the monks of Saint Maroun Monastery in Annaya, have not stopped registering the graces attributed to the intercession of Saint Charbel for the miracles he performed are countless and are preserved in the Monastery’s archives.
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Nohad El Shami


Nohad El Shami


A great number of miracles were attributed to Saint Charbel since his death. The most famous one is that of Nohad El Shami, a 55-year old woman at the time of the miracle who was healed from a partial paralysis. She tells that on the night of January 22, 1993, she saw in her dream two Maronite monks standing next to her bed. Read More


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